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Anjel Ortega

Owner & Hair Stylist

Growing up, Anjel had an infatuation with hair styling. He always found himself playing with his younger sister's hair, gazing at gorgeous up-dos, and wondering how he could create them himself. Through this curiosity, he began styling hair for his family, then his friends, and now, Anjel has created a wide client base in both California and Illinois.During his teen years Anjel joined a local Ballroom studio's youth dance class and the rest was history. It was only a matter of time before he would fall in love with the sport and its  competitive side. Anjel started to compete shortly after and began styling hair for his partners, teacher and other dancers.With over ten years in the industry, Anjel has styled brides, bridesmaids, Quinceañeras, and many others for special events. He uses self-taught techniques, along with techniques he has earned from other hair professionals, to create beautiful styles with all hair types; thick, thin, curly, straight, and everything in between. He continually seeks advice and knowledge from other talented and successful hair professionals.Although Anjel only styles hair, he has worked with many talented makeup professionals. He can recommend some of the very best he has worked with if you're looking for work beyond styling!Anjel loves working with new clients and looks forward to hearing from you!